From Sketch to Sticker

I just created my first vinyl sitckers! Yay! After collecting hundreds (and hundreds) of stickers, I now have my own! Here’s a look into my process - from sketch to sticker.


I started with some sketches in my sketchbook. Though I love drawing on my iPad Pro, I find that I like to sketch initial ideas on paper first. Once I decided on my favorite little robot, I took a photo and added it to a fresh canvas on Procreate!

Sketchbook: Leuchtturm1917 Sketchbook | Pencil: Prismacolor Col-Erase

IMG_1193 2.JPG

My next step was to create a digital sketch as a base for my illustration. I also play around with color palettes at this stage to see what will look best. Grays, greens, and dark reddish-corals were the final choices for colors.

iPad Pro 11” with Apple Pencil | Brush Set: Pencil Box from Bardot Brush, and standard Procreate brushes

One of the many reasons why Procreate is so awesome - time lapse videos. The app automatically records your process so you can watch it back, or share it. Here you can see the whole process from sketch to final illustration.

After completing this little guy, I sent him off to be made into a sticker! Look how cute he turned out!


Over the next week or so I created a whole series of these cute robots to keep each other company. It is so satisfying to see your artwork go from an idea, to a sketch, to a sticker!

These stickers along with many other designs I’ve created are now available in my Etsy shop, go and check them out!